Land Management

Safe for the long term

Purchasing, managing and holding land depends on numerous factors. Land, specifically recreational and rural land, has always been looked at as a value investment and may be kept as a safe investment for the long term, undisturbed by daily events and fluctuations.

Evaluating land

When evaluating and purchasing land, we look at topography, zoning and other utilization for development, recreational or industrial use, as well as tax issues and risks involved.

Assessment of risks

There may be risks involved when purchasing land. In British Columbia. A title to the property generally includes the rights to the surface of the land. The undersurface is usually held by the crown. Timber may or may not be included. Different zoning rules and bylaws are in place. Careful examination is always necessary.

Higher utilization

For years, British Columbia has mainly been a timber and mining province. The growing population, with many people working high tech jobs or in the service industry, the demand for recreational properties has drastically increased. Owning land in a setting with a river or lake close by has become the aim of professionals, families and investors alike.